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Story of Sebastian, Chapter Three

Story of Sebastian, Chapter Three
Warning: Story contains adult language, violence, and adult situations.

We last saw Sebastian trying to find a way to save his friend in Chapter Two...
Sebastian slowed as he approached the ruins. He took a few minutes to calm himself. He needed to forget the danger his partner faced and focus on the job at hand. Truthfully he didn’t know how to attack on his own, just never happened. Even the dimwitted, short-lasting partners had helped by at least distracting his opponents. This was all on him.

Sebastian focused his energy and concentrated on finding his opponent. The collapsed portions of the ruins gave plenty of space for hiding holes or more traps. He’d underestimated their enemy once; he wouldn’t make the mistake again. Sebastian crept through the collapsed stones, staying away from the obvious points of entry. His mind detached and his body ran on decades of training. He followed instinct as he crawled closer to his opponent.

He moved slow trying to travel over the rough terrain without sending debris sliding. In time, Sebastian traced the source of power he’d mapped out earlier, an area of the ruins mostly left intact. Columns stood in disarray and various states of decay in what was once a hall. A guard paced in front of old wooden doors and Sebastian grinned. One person to keep out intruders, this wizard clearly suffered from a big ego.

Sebastian darted among the columns using them for cover as he approached. The guard fell quickly and quietly, his throat sliced from the shadows behind him. Hopefully, the wizard cared little about his minions and wouldn’t notice one missing. The sword spun in Sebastian’s hand out of habit, his version of a nervous tick. He waited in the shadows expecting someone to investigate the downed guard. Moments passed and no one appeared. Well no one cared, proving him right.

“Sorry about your luck,” he nodded to the poor body and advanced.

Sebastian stilled and hid behind a worn column as the sound of vicious laughter trailed out into the night. So, his would-be captor still enjoyed the pixie. Good, a distracted man equaled a dead man. He chose his moment and burst into the room. He stopped short at the emptiness surrounding him. Evil laughter encircled him as he spun.

“What the hell?” he muttered.

“Quite the morsel, delivered as promised.”

He spun toward the sound but again observed no one. As Sebastian tried to move forward, something held him still. He swung the sword, more an annoyed twitch than a threat.  He tried to retreat from the room, then to the right and left. Trapped in some sort of invisible cage, he could only move a few steps in any direction. He growled at the thought of being imprisoned once again.

“Nice.” The comment came from nowhere, causing Sebastian to shift on his feet again.

“Are you sure you don’t need a few pieces of pixie? I’ll give you a fair price…”

“Leave us!”

Sebastian groaned. Not being in full control of his supernatural powers was going to bite him in the ass tonight. He’d miscalculated his enemies instead of misjudging them. The pixie was gone from the equation and he hadn’t realized the shift in people. So, their Mr. Bad didn’t work alone and the new partner was proving to be a barrel of fun.

“Well, well, well… you took quite the finding.”

Sebastian shifted and growled as a shadow appeared and solidified before him. The man didn’t appear dangerous, but he knew better. This new captor held more threat than the old one. Again, the sword sliced through the air.

“You won’t need that.” The sword flew from his hands and clattered across ancient cracked tiles. “My name is Paul by the way, you should get used to it.”

“Really? Paul? … I’m terrified.” Sebastian felt naked without his sword, but he refused to let on. “Guess you’ll be letting my partner go.”

“Not up to me. I’m sure our mutual friend will be interested in him eventually.” Paul shrugged. “Not my concern. I’m just here for you.”

“Oh gee, and what can I do to help?” The question dripped with sarcasm.

“You can die.” The cold reply stunned him.

Something echoed in the room and Sebastian sensed the burn through his chest. He stared in shock at the gun in the man’s hand as his own ran up to cover his bleeding wound. A human gun, brilliant, what a bloody perfect way to go. Not saving Dubhan first his only regret, except for that small detail he was ready for death.

He collapsed hard on the cold stones. Sebastian noticed the world grow darker. He finally earned the release he’d been searching for and it just didn’t seem right at all.

Sebastian groaned and tried to roll over. He wasn’t sure what held him on his back, but he knew the nightmare had sucked. Big time. He opened his eyes and blinked to adjust to the daylight. Sebastian figured he was probably tangled in the sheets again. He tried once again to roll and failed, although the reverberation of metal grinding caught his attention and chilled him.

His eyes adjusted, Sebastian took in the room around him. He was surrounded by cement walls and lots of chains. Instinct overrode the panic at realizing last night was definitely not a nightmare. Despite the light filtering through the room, the corners remained in shadows. Only his eyes tracked around the room, his body stayed still in case someone watched.

There wasn’t much to see. He guessed by the height of the window he was in a basement but couldn’t be sure. He couldn’t see anything out of it that gave any more clues. He could be in a bloody penthouse for all he knew. The chains were solid and thick, pinning him to a thin mattress on the floor. At least his captor had thought to make him comfortable.

Having surveyed the room, Sebastian next took inventory of his body. The room wouldn’t be much help so his body had to be okay. He wiggled his toes, fingers, and everything else as unnoticeably as possible. Since no one had come out of the shadows yet, he slowly lifted his head and stared at his chest.

“What the fuck?” he muttered the question.

There was still a large bloodstain spread across his chest, right over his heart. If his hands weren’t bound, Sebastian understood he could put a finger through the hole on his shirt and feel skin. He’d been shot… Paul had shot him in the chest. And, Sebastian realized he’d died. He’d felt the world grow dark and empty. He’d felt everything slide into nothing. Yet, he gawked at the proof he should be dead while his heart beat a rapid, taunting rhythm below it.

It also meant Dubhan was still locked away in a masochist’s dungeon. He shouted incoherently, growling and raging against his chains.

The shadow in the corner of the room shifted and formed into a tall, slender man. Paul strode forward with a gigantic, cocky grin planted on his pale face.

“Welcome to undead servitude,” Paul bowed. “And, I own you now. Sorry about your luck.” He threw Sebastian’s earlier words back at him.

Sebastian gritted his teeth and fought harder against the chains. He was going to tear the bastard limb from limb with his bare hands. As he fought, he became aware of a sharp ache in each shoulder blade. He stilled and wondered what had happened to him as Paul’s words sank in. Undead?

Paul jostled the items in his hands. “You’re not going anywhere. I have these, I own you now.”

“You confuse me with someone who knows what’s going on,” he gritted back, trying to decipher what the jerk was holding.

Paul looked stunned. “You have no idea?” Sebastian shook his head. “Really?” Now Paul appeared disappointed. “No matter. You’ll still be my own little angel of death and destruction.”

“I don’t know what drugs you’re on, pal, but you need counseling…”

Paul knelt down and stared him in the eye. Unfortunately, it brought him close enough for Sebastian to make out the individual black feathers arranged on the wings in Paul’s hands. Shit, there was a strong possibility Paul was telling the truth.

“Oh the fun we’re going to have, you and I,” Paul laughed wickedly.

Somehow, Sebastian was sure he was going to disagree.

Paul rocked back on his heels and laughed frostily. “The fact that you don’t know what you are makes this so much easier.” His voice grew serious as he leaned closer. “Here’s the deal; you do as I say, when I say it, and how I say it. I make the commands, you obey. You can do nothing else.”

“We’ll see about that,” Sebastian taunted, wondering why he bothered.

“A demonstration perhaps?” The asshole paused as he thought, then smiled. “Bite your tongue.”

Sebastian’s teeth locked down on his tongue hard enough for him to jump and taste the metallic tang of his own blood. As soon as his teeth let up, he sucked on the injury. He didn’t dare speak, sure now the mysterious Paul wasn’t lying. Sebastian had somehow come back as an angel under the control of a crazy man. Whatever the fucker had in mind, Sebastian would have to follow the commands. His eyes closed and his body shook at the anger and injustice of it all. He’d started life in servitude and now he would end in it. Sometimes life just kicked you when you were down.

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~Jennifer Feuerstein~

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