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Finders Keepers: Tempted - Chapter Six

Recap: In Chapter Five, Adam’s mission goes from bad to worse. Demonica received his gift from the Congo.

He’d spent three weeks schlepping his ass through all manner of muck and mud. His attitude bordered on extremely pissed off thanks to the demon covering his tracks and taking off at the first sign of danger. Adam was better. He learned to hide the signs the demon looked for.

Now he hid in the woods while the demon holed up ahead in the luxurious cabin. Adam figured the guy thought he was untouchable here. Security had been beefed up, but the cabin featured a wall of windows overlooking a deep ravine.

Adam lined up his sniper rifle and waited. He’d spent the time learning the guy’s patterns for a reason. Time he took this guy out for good. He’d learned enough to know the demon was a genuine bad guy. Even now, he had a young girl in the cabin against her wishes. All for his own amusement.

“Come on you big bastard. Show her the view.”

His finger itched over the trigger, brain slowed down, vision enhanced, and breathing slowed. He recalculated his trajectory and waited a little longer.

The fat bastard moved in front of the windows, dressed in his robe and rewarded Adam for his patience. Probably thought he was safe behind the coated glass. A regular sniper wouldn’t have seen shit, but Adam wasn’t any regular sniper.

His finger squeezed the trigger lightly twice. He watched through the scope as the first bullet shattered the glass and entered the demon’s chest. He could see the thing screaming, even if the voice didn’t travel this far. Mere seconds later, the second bullet entered squarely between his eyes, ending the screams forever.

He quickly put his weaponry away and threw the sack over his shoulder. Time to run for it before the goons panned out and found him. He ran at top speed while sending a message for a pickup. Thank goodness Washington wasn’t far from Montana. He might have time for a shower before dinner. He smirked and activated his tracking device.

Thirty minutes later, he didn’t know if his legs would hold out. The rope dropped out of nowhere and he grasped the life line. Once inside the helicopter, Adam collapsed onto the floor and panted while his body recovered.

“You called for a ride?”

“Remy, what took you so long?”

“She was in the shop. Got an engine upgrade, damn near stealth now. She runs longer, farther too.”

Adam wondered why he hadn’t heard the thing. Now he was just thankful. “Take me home...”

“With pleasure.”

Adam showered and treated the few minor wounds he’d gotten on his own. Mostly bug bites and bramble that would heal on their own in no time, probably before he even made it in for his debriefing. As he strapped his holsters on his waist this time, his shoulders being sore, he couldn’t help thinking about the blonde demon again.

He dug out his phone and sent a quick text. Danny, any news on Monica?

His phone beeped almost instantly. Besides loving her new gun, she’s been in the bar every night waiting to see if you came back.

Adam smiled and threw on his jacket. Well, maybe he’d just have dinner at the Pub tonight. He had a little time before the Council began calling for their debriefing. For some reason, he couldn’t resist trying to see Monica one more time, like somehow it would carry him through.

He walked through the door of the Pub and took a seat at the bar. The place was pretty deserted tonight, probably because of the wet weather. He nodded to a smiling Danny behind the bar who sat a glass of water in front of him.

“Probably better not to go to the Council with alcohol in your system,” he joked and moved back toward the kitchen. “Special is cheeseburger and fries, want some?”

“Yeah, sure, sounds good. Has Monica been in yet?”

Danny sat the plate in front of him and chuckled. “Not yet, girl seems to like late hours.”

Adam nodded and dug into his burger. It was heaven, divine after living off nature for weeks. He preferred to save the room in his pack for ammo instead of food. It left him few options in the wild. He was paying his compliments when the bell at the door jingled. First he caught Danny’s grin, then the rainy wind brought the scent of cinnamon to his nose.

He turned and smiled. “Hey there.”

“Adam!” She started to run toward him and slowed to calmly sit next to him. “Hey, thanks for the gun.”

He smiled. “I figured it was better than those knives you were walking around with. Do you know how to use it?”

“Of course, handsome. I just prefer the daggers because they’re easier to hide.”

His eyes traveled over the lush breasts encased in a latex tube top and the jeans riding low on her hips. If she’d come looking for him, the outfit definitely caught his attention.

“I can’t stay long. Still have to debrief my mission. Just needed to grab some things.”

She moved closer, the sweet smell of her more intoxicating than anything Danny had on tap. “Sure, handsome, whatever you say. Did you get your man?”

“I did,” her mouth closed over his and cut off his smart reply. She swept her tongue over his and Adam groaned. His fiery little demon’s kisses tasted a hell of a lot better than the burger. His? When the hell had he decided she belonged to him?

He pushed the thought aside, pulling her in tight against him and deepened the kiss, only stopping when his phone buzzed. The Council, probably wanting to know why he was late. Adam grabbed a napkin and jotted down his number. He slid it over to her and answered his phone.

“Coming in now,” he clicked it shut and turned to her. “That line goes to a special encoded phone I carry. If it’s an emergency, come get Danny here.”

He pressed his lips to hers again quickly. “Got it?”

She nodded, the glaze of lust coating her baby blues not entirely lost on him.

“Trouble, Danny. Number, napkin. Got it. Are you sure you have to go?”

He turned at the door. “This shouldn’t take long.”

Demonica watched Adam walk out and fought against every instinct screaming for her to run after him.

She’d spent the time between their last meeting and this one puzzling over the incendiary response she had to the super soldier and come up lacking for answers. Barely exchanging more than a short conversation, a few kisses and lusty looks didn’t consist of enough to explain how she’d looked for Adam at every turn, jumped up with each knock at the door in hope he’d be behind it or dreamed of his body over hers every damn night until she refused to sleep to end the torture. Except it hadn’t – even awake she could feel, smell and taste him.

Patiently, Demo waited long enough to make sure he wasn’t coming back and then headed home. She had planned to invite Adam over if he’d been at the pub but his running off dashed the idea to bits.

Sure, she mused as she lifted a forkful of apple pie to her lips. He’d shown plenty of interest while their lips had been locked together. Did a heated kiss mean he wanted more than a romp in the sac? For that matter, did she?

A quick knock sounded at the door. She put the fork down and went to see who could possibly be paying her a visit at such a late hour. Blue eyes blazed at her from the other side of the curtain and she quickly pulled the door open.


“Can I come in?” He glanced behind her and smiled. “I realize it’s late but, I think we need to talk.”

Demo moved aside and shut the door once he stood in the foyer. She tilted her head for him to follow and returned to the kitchen where her coffee and apple pie waited.

“Can I get you anything? Pie, coffee, a beer?”

“No,” he replied quietly. “Just you, listening for a minute.”

Resuming her seat, Demonica waited for him to say whatever he’d come to tell her.

“Look, I’m going to level with you, Monica,” he began. She narrowed her eyes at him and he cringed. “It’s not a bad thing, just me being honest. Hear me out?”

“Sure,” she agreed. Looking up at him through her lashes, she toyed with the handle of her mug and waited for him to continue.

“I know that look,” he paused and took a deep breath. “Listen, I’m really digging you here. At first, I thought you were an assassin sent to find me and, I’ll admit that’s why I got close. Anyway, the thing is – I don’t want to take advantage of you or have you think I’m taking advantage.” He paced, voice dropping to a fierce rumble with each step, “I mean, I usually wouldn’t care – just take you to bed, do you up nice and run for it. But, I just can’t do it. Not to you.”

Adam stopped in front of her. Demo began to speak but he hauled her up and crushed his mouth to hers in a soul deep kiss. Her arms slid up over his shoulders and she pulled him close as their lips parted.

“Adam,” her voice quavered. “If we’re being honest – I was planning a quick romp between the sheets when I walked into Danny’s that first time.” She closed her eyes for a second and then focused on him, “I couldn’t stop thinking of you while you were gone. Every time I opened the door or heard a footstep outside I ran to see if it was you. I don’t know what this is but, I want it. I want you.”

“Thank god,” he sighed and laid his forehead against hers. “I just feel like, for once in my horrible life, I should do this right. Oh, speaking of,” he produced a small packet from one of his pockets and handed it to her. “Treats for your pets. They have to like me, too.”

His phone vibrated between them but he let it go without answering.

“I guess that means you have to go?” she resisted the pout inherent in the question. Her fingers stroked the buzzed back of his head and she prayed he could stay a bit longer. “FYI, you are doing it right. For me anyway.”

“It works for me too,” he moaned. His eyes closed but not before she caught the change in his pupils. “They can wait a few. Not too long or I’ll get another mission but, yeah – screw ’em.” Adam pulled her into another long kiss. The constant flare of heat in her belly expanded, licking out to slowly devour her with need.

Demo brushed her fingers over his temples. The hard angles of his body pressed to hers threw her senses into overdrive. She could smell the pheromones rolling off him in spades and every inch of her called out to him, begged for Adam to take what she offered.

“All I want or need is you.”

Adam opened his eyes and the pale blue tiger pupils pulled a soft gasp from her. Fear and longing swirled in their depths as he stared, unblinking, back at her.

“Don’t let it scare you,” he whispered. “I’d never hurt you.” His phone buzzed, a gentle reminder of the missed call. “I can wait fifteen minutes and then I have to be at the pickup point. That’ll take me five minutes to get there at full run. I promise, Monica, I’ll always be honest with you, but if anyone asks, you think I’m a traveling salesman. Okay?”

“Got it,” she replied with a smile. “I know you wouldn’t hurt me and, for the record, I think they’re beautiful.”

“They change a lot,” he smirked. The phone buzzed again, more insistently this time and he growled. “Listen, if you ever need anything and I’m not around – go to Danny. He’ll get hold of me as soon as he can.”

He leaned in and his tongue flicked over her earlobe, “God, you taste sweet as salvation. I’ll try not to be gone so long this time.”

“You know where to find me when you get back. Here or the pub.”

Adam pulled away and she watched as he slowly put back all of the shields he used to keep himself alive in place. He turned to walk away and she gasped for breath. Pain filled her chest and she realized it came from the feeling of her heart walking out the door with him.


Come back on October 20th, 2011 for Chapter Seven of Finders Keepers: Tempted.

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