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A Review of Cassandra Clare's City of Glass

A Review of City Of Glass
Jennifer Feuerstein

You’ll probably remember I reviewed City of Bones (3 Jester hats) in July and City of Ashes (4 Jester hats) in August. As always let’s go over a little background information. The book is the third in the ongoing series The Mortal Instruments and is listed as a young adult. We’re following the Shadowhunters as they fight to stop Valentine, mostly told through Clary’s point of view. Read on to find out what I thought of Cassandra Clare’s third novel, City of Glass.

Well, City of Glass continues where City of Ashes left off with only about a week passing in between. It’s full of twists and turns to keep you guessing. Oh, and did I mention the epic battle? Yeah, don’t miss out on that. The book boasts a few great fight scenes and new interesting characters.  I found myself taking notes during this book trying to figure out how it would end. I have to say I did figure it out, but only about a chapter ahead of the reveal.

The unfortunate part is that Cassandra Clare originally meant for this book to end her series and then changed her mind. The book wraps up the conflicts, but leaves you feeling a little deflated. The ending, in short, could have been a little more developed. Thankfully, she continues the story in City of Fallen Angels, which I’ll review later. (Again, I know it’s hard but trust the Jester and hold off on reading it until you see my review.)

Word of Advice: Before the release of City of Fallen Angels, Ms. Clare released Clockwork Angel which is actually from her Infernal Devices series. It’s set before the Mortal Instruments and many people would lead you to believe you have to read it after City of Glass. I, for one, say this isn’t necessarily true. You will see a few characters pop up, but it’s not necessary. I’d even advise against it, but I’ll explain that next month...

So, to sum up this little review, I give City of Glass 4 out of 5 jester hats. It’s an enjoyable, worthwhile read full of action and suspense. Watch for my reviews of Clockwork Angel and City of Fallen Angels next month. Clockwork Angel will be reviewed October 9th and, because I know you can't stand the suspense, City of Fallen Angels will be reviewed early on October 23rd.

~Jennifer Feuerstein~

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