Monday, August 15, 2011

A Review of Cassandra Clare's City of Ashes

A Review of City Of Ashes
Jennifer Feuerstein

You’ll probably remember I reviewed City of Bones last month, July 10th. As always let’s go over a little background information. The book is the second in the ongoing series The Mortal Instruments and is listed as a young adult. Again we’re following Clary’s journey to find her missing mom and learn more about herself. Read on to find out what I thought of Cassandra Clare’s second novel, City of Ashes.

Well, City of Ashes is certainly action packed. If you’re like me, you’ve probably already read the second book and maybe the third after you finished City of Bones. (Word of warning, do not read the fourth Mortal Instruments Book or Clockwork Angel without checking my reviews) This second book picks up right where City of Bones left off. We discover more about the mysterious Valentine. Clary is confused about her relationships and feelings. The best part in my opinion is we have more Jace. Yay! His life pretty much turns upside down and the book rushes toward conflict at the pace of an Indy Car.

There is more character development, but this book is mostly about the events unfolding. As with the first book, you can pick up subtle clues in the context of Cassandra Clare’s writing or just enjoy it mindlessly. Either way, it’s a good read.

So, to sum up this little review, I give City of Ashes 4 out of 5 jester hats. It’s an enjoyable, worthwhile read. If you read City of Bones and had the jaw-dropping experience I had, you’ll rush out for this one at all costs. Expectation adds ½ jester hat from City of Bones and the other extra ½ jester hat is for MORE JACE! Watch for my review of City of Glass next month.

~Jennifer Feuerstein~

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