Monday, August 8, 2011

Jezebel's Wish: A Book You Don't Want To Miss

Review: Jezebel’s Wish by A.J. Nuest

Once in a while a romance comes along that strikes so many chords in the reader that the story lingers in their mind long after the last page is turned. Jezebel’s Wish is such a romance.

Jezebel Evans is an emotionally scarred woman but what makes her unique as a heroine is the fact that the scars are self-inflicted. Jezebel’s fiancĂ© dies suddenly, leaving her adrift on a sea of regrets and boiling over with guilt; both for surviving and for the words she can’t take back.

Looking to distance herself from painful memories, she visits her mother’s horse farm, Redemption Ranch. Frustrated over a clock she can’t turn back, sleep deprived from hellish nightmares, and uncertain about her future, city girl Jezebel is sharp tongued, and generally a pain to live with; that is until her mother pays for riding lessons and Jezebel meets a horse named The Reverend and veterinarian/riding instructor Matthias Saunders.

The gentle, unconditional love of the aptly named stallion begins to thaw the ice surrounding Jezebel’s heart while the infinite patience and understanding of the Vet helps Jezebel trust again; but humans are ever a perverse species.

Showered with love, affection, and understanding to a degree she never thought possible from a man, Jezebel struggles to release the guilt and self-loathing that weighs down her soul and threatens to destroy the first chance at happiness she’s ever had.

Watching this character struggle with her demons was cathartic. I think everyone, especially women, can relate to Jezebel’s feelings and the actions they provoke. It isn’t often a writer can create a character that inspires a reader to loathe and then love them. I found myself wanting to shake Jezebel for her behavior and the decisions she made but at the same time I acknowledged that I’d have likely acted the same were I to walk in her shoes; that is the mark of a master storyteller.

Jezebel’s Wish is an emotional roller coaster of a ride that will leave you breathless; but also filled with hope. It is a book you don’t want to miss.
--Rachel Lynne

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  1. Oh my WORD! Rachel, this review is BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Your words made me laugh, and then they made me cry. Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read Jezebel's Wish. What a fantastic way to starte the day. All the best to you and thanks again!!

  2. @Calisarhose - LOL
    Rachel Lynne - What a GREAT review! I completely agree with your assessment of the book as it mirror my experience with JEZEBEL'S WISH exactly. I, too, wanted to shake Jezzy and push her aside while I ran into Matty's arms. And when she finally came around seeing what she had, I wanted to run into her arms!
    GREAT book, AJ! And I echo Calisarhose...TOLD YA! ;)