Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Patron Chronicles - Part 2

 When last we left Mr. Esseus and the demon, Hazelsplat, the two were discussing the demise of Mr. Pinyon, a fifteen yr. old boy, and Hazelsplat’s involvement

Dear Hazelsplat,

I received your rebuttal letter and passed it onto my supervisor for review. I have also placed a copy in your file. Where the matter goes from here, I do not know. But please be aware that the issue is in no way resolved, as there have been further complaints.

It seems Mr. Pinyon’s antics have escalated since last I wrote. I can’t help but be struck by the parallel between your analogy of him selling the test as opposed to simply cheating, and his new demise into selling drugs as opposed to simply using them.

Am I wrong in thinking his leap from arrant teen to drug pusher smacks of your influence?

I’d be remise in my duties to blindly accept your explanations. What is the saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. My gut instinct tells me this may very well be the case.

In your last letter you bragged about your keen analytical mind. It is exactly that kind of boasting that started the wheels in my head turning. You’re much too clever and devious to come directly at a problem. No, you would wind your way through the maze of deceit, creating false twists and turns to throw your enemy off the scent. But all the while, your eye would be fastened on the prize.

I must commend you, drugs are a powerful tool. To mix the high of making money with the high of the drug is a bond strong enough to last far beyond the protection of the Minor’s Act—far beyond loved ones’ tolerance—far beyond what the physical body can endure.

If you indeed have a hand in Edgar Pinyon’s demise, I will personally see you prosecuted to the highest extent of the ethereal law.

Thank you for the congratulations on my promotion, no matter how sarcasm-laced your conciliatory comment was. I’d expect nothing less from you. You are incapable of feeling true happiness for somebody other than yourself.
Always the sentiment must be polluted with mockery and condescension.
At least I am able to look at myself in the mirror and be contented with what I see. Though you regard me as a bureaucratic pencil-pusher, I know I am making a difference by keeping soul-sucking vermin like you away from humans like Edgar Pinyon.

Watch your step, Hazelsplat.


Esseus Apollomae
7th Level
Universal Compliance and Violations Specialist

Dear Esseus,

You can’t imagine how relieved I was to know you have put a copy of my letter in my file. Who knew I even had a file? I must be quite important indeed.

I was, however, saddened that you believe my congratulations to be less than heartfelt. Au contraire, mon ami. I love nothing more than to see predictable sheep climb the ladder of success. It let’s me know there will be no major changes on the horizon.

When the overly enthusiastic do-gooders, who are unafraid of change, get into the higher positions, that’s when I begin to worry. No, I’m genuinely happy with the status quo.

Now, onto more pressing matters, Edgar Pinyon. I could try to convince you that I have not meddled with young Edgar, but what is the point? You wouldn’t believe me. Wisely so. I’m untrustworthy to my core. But please allow me to make clear a few observations that will surely prove my innocence.

Mr. Pinyon’s decline into the drug world is exactly what I would have done if  I was manipulating him. However, from what I can tell, the lad is making very little money and supplying a large amount of drugs to a certain young lady, Miss Jennifer Green, I believe. Though I also endorse the use and manipulations of others, if I had set my efforts on Edgar I wouldn’t allow him to waste his energies on a girl.

Love is fleeting and not strong enough to sustain him until his eighteenth birthday, which would be my ultimate goal.

So, this drug endeavor, while effective for demise, does not possess the traits of my thoughtful scheming. Their unpolished and rather half-assed attempts are an insult to my evil prowess.

This revelation stopped me in my tracks. Call it my suspicious nature, but I can’t help but wonder if I am being set up. A copycat demon, if you will.

Which led me to another question. Where are you, oh diligent pencil-pusher, getting your information? Am I being observed or is your organization being force-fed information? Is some nefarious demon in angel’s clothing stringing you along, guiding you down paths that always lead back to me and away from the true fiend?

The prospect both angers and intrigues me. On the most base level this dastardly demon garners my respect. Overall, I want him stopped. Receiving your weekly reprimands is a new level of Hell I am not willing to endure for eternity.

As you know, there is no code of ethics between demons. For eons this has served me well. Now I find I quite dislike the prospect of being manipulated. Ironic.
So I will close by simply saying, turn your gaze to another. You might be unpleasantly surprised by what you find.

Misunderstood Servant of Satan

5th Circle
of Hell

Please return on August 11, 2011 for the next installment of The Patron Chronicles.

Boone Brux
Paranormal Fantasy Author

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