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Evil Cupid, Part Two

Evil Cupid, Part Two

Content Advisory: Includes m/f sex, graphic language.

Continued from October 14, 2011.
Pixie met Cupid while out trying to destroy Sweetest Day and sparks began to fly. Let’s see whose left burning.

His voice dropped to a whisper, “I think we should take you some place safer. You can call me Adam.”

“Adam?” His name tripping over my lips was as hot as a brand to my skin.

“Ironic considering my line of work, but yes it’s Adam.” He held his large hand out to me and I almost melted. “To safer grounds?”

My hand slid into his and he helped me off my perch, my body melting into his as he led me from the restaurant. I didn’t regain my senses until the cold air hit my overheated, exposed skin.

“My apartment is a few blocks up. Would you like to walk or take the easy way?” I question him coyly referring to our supernatural means of traveling.

“I think I’ll enjoy the walk.”

He pulls me in and I’m struck by the solidness of him. Oh this night is going to be so much fun. I don’t even glance down the alley where I had my earlier fun, even though tangible traces of those events remain in the location. My attention is solely focused on my own lovely Cupid as my body alternates between hot and cold.

“Isn’t this sort of illegal for you?” I inquire of him out of honest curiosity.

He’s not the first cupid I’ve ever encountered, but he’s definitely the first to ever show an interest in little ole’ Pixie me. Most would find my ways of getting off disturbing since they’re all about securing love and peace and blah blah blah….

My thoughts trail away as his hand slips down from my lower back to caress my backside. I stop walking and find myself grinding against his hand before I can stop myself.

His breath warms my chilled neck as he leans in close to whisper, “I think you need my services more tonight.”

I couldn’t deny him even if I’d wanted to try. His mouth covers mine in a hot kiss as he shoves me up against a storefront. From the shift in the air, I know passing mortals won’t observe us. Good thing since we’re plastered up against the glass of a family style diner. The thought sent another wave of lust straight between my legs and they shook from the desire.

“Fast way,” he mumbles and we disappear.

My body instinctively rockets us towards my place and I hope I have enough common sense left to make it inside my apartment. I didn’t want to fumble with my magical locks and taking the time to try would end with us writhing on the floor; wasting my wonderful playground-esque bedroom.

My feet touch solid ground and my eyes open slowly. Adam’s mouth travels its way down my neck as I glance around carefully registering my surroundings. I’d landed us in my kitchen. Shit, I’d been aiming for bedroom.  I wasn’t being particular; I just kept all my fun stuff in there.

“Nice place,” his voice rumbled his chest against mine and I realize I’m without my corset.

“Mmmm,” I moan as his lips close over a hardened nipple. “Would you like a tour?”

“Later,” he grumbles and works on exploring my heated body.

“Holy hell, angel boy,” I breathe out as his hands slip under my skirt.

“Someone’s an excited little pixie,” he chuckles back.

I moan and arch against his hands, wanting more but unable to ask for it. I cry out in startled surprise as he lifts me up onto my counter. The place settings are shoved aside to make room, but I miss the caress of his hands on me. I make use of the time to slide my skirt off my hips before launching it through the air with a careful kick.

“Those are beautiful legs, Anna,” he moans as his hands slide down them.

“Enough small talk, Adam,” I command, pulling him in as my legs wrap around his waist.

The experience of his jeans on my bare, fevered skin is delicious but not quite what I have in mind. My hands reach out and tear his shirt off. Adam’s head lowers to my breasts again and I wrap my hands in his soft dirty blonde hair. I’m assaulted by the delicious differences in textures - soft hair, hard hands, and rough jeans. And, one incredibly wet, hot mouth skirting trails across my skin.

“Oh fuck,” I moan as his mouth dips to my core, my legs adjusted to drape over his shoulders.

I wanted to try the human buffet of emotions tonight, but now I’m the main course on display. And I don’t mind the change in plans at all. His tongue laps at me in smooth circles and my wiggling increases. I suffer the tightened shuddering of my muscles as an orgasm builds within. I’m about to stop him when the slow slide of fingers joins the smooth rasping of tongue.

“SHIT!” I cry out as I cum hard, falling back against the hard, cold granite of my counter. Breakfasts will never be the same.

Again I am lifted, not caring about the reason or where I’ll end up. I’m too busy riding the wave of ecstasy to give a shit. Swiftly soft, warm micro suede plays across the skin at my back. I recognize it as my sofa. So, we’ve moved play to the living room.

I try to pull myself together and become the sexy pixie I can be, but I’m stopped by his body moving over mine. Adam flips me easily so my burning face presses into the sofa cushion. I turn my head to allow for easier breathing. Choking won’t kill me, but passing out would interrupt the fun.

His hot mouth rains kisses all over my shoulders and back as the muscles of his chest and stomach are pressed against me. Evidence of a sizable erection rubs my thighs and I melt. My core turns to hot liquid again and I’m stunned by my own reaction to this cupid. If all cupids are like this, I’m going to develop a dangerous new obsession.

I arch my back and press backward, trying to demand what I need. An image of his erection slamming home causes me to shiver and moan. I wonder if it’s my own imagination or if cupid Adam is feeding me the thoughts. Either way I don’t care, we’re curious creatures us pixies.

A finger slides down my clit and I cry out as my legs give way. Again I’m lifted into the air, but I recover faster this time evaporating my molecules across the room. I watch as Adam looks around for the woman he’d been holding just a second ago. I use the moment to pounce, shoving him back into a seated position on the sofa.

“My turn,” I playfully purr.

I rake my nails down the hard muscles of his chest, being sure to rasp them over his taut nipples. My fingers play delicately across the planes of his stomach where the muscles jump to greet me. Adam’s breathing hitches as my hands slide over his thighs, just out of reach of his engorged erection. I rest my hands there, letting the nails of my thumbs barely brush his sack. My mouth repeats the trail of my hands and slides slowly south. Adam’s breathing increases and his heart beats a tempo even my ears can make out.

“You don’t have to…” he starts, my tongue cutting the sentence into an incomprehensible moan with a small sample of his cock.

Apparently, my little cupid has never been on the receiving end and I love being the one to enlighten him. His mixed emotions race down my spine, feeding my other ravenous desire.  Keeping my hands on his thighs, I slide my mouth down his entire delicious length and back again. Adam’s hands wrap into my hair, keeping it out of my way and giving him one hell of a peep show. My supernatural strength keeps him pinned while my mouth works its magic, one delicious suck after another. The guy even tastes like cinnamon and sex.

His hips arch up against my mouth as I suck down the pre-cum leaking from the beautiful head. My hands slide inward to cup his sack and he finds the perfect moment to pull me upright. Adam lifts me into the air and growls.

“Bedroom, now!”

I point him in the right direction, giggling as I’m thrown over a shoulder. My hands inch down his back to playfully swat at his tight buttocks. Everything about this guy is beautifully perfect. A wonderful specimen of cupid, to be sure. My patience for the game is wearing thin though. As he moves to toss me onto my own bed, I surprise him by flipping gracefully in the air and landing on my feet.

Instead of surprise or fear, I register relief and excitement. His reaction triggers the question I shouldn’t ask. “Have you been with Pixies before?”

His head shakes no, but I see his legs brace his weight for my attack. “I’ve heard stories.”

“Then you’re going to love the real deal,” I vow before launching myself at him.

Pixies are wild by nature. We feed off the emotions of those around us, living for chaos and danger. Our sex lives are no different. Mortal men cannot feed our desire because they simply can’t survive it. Over generations we’ve adapted so mortal men don’t even incite lust within us. A fresh cupid begging for it sent my lust to dangerous heights. The thought of stories piquing his curiosity made me want to prove a point.

Adam let out a sexy laugh as he caught me and we tumbled to the floor. We were a mix of limbs, mouths, and moans as we wrestled for supremacy. To sleep with a pixie is a battle of skills; the tumult of emotions as we wrestled spiked my need higher and higher. I’d never lost in this little mating ritual.

Imagine my surprise as the soft carpet presses into my back with Adam looming over me. He pins my wrists above my head and pries my legs open with his hips. I snarl, the fight not having been broken inside me yet.

My snarl quickly changes as his erection probes the sensitive opening to my core. I moan and arch my back, my legs spreading under their own direction. I needed him inside me, riding and controlling me. I needed the mind altering supernatural orgasm only he can deliver.

My eyes jerk open as a bite burns on my shoulder, the pain adding to my pleasure. If he waited much longer, I’d start begging.  Oh I prayed he’d wait, I prayed the stories hadn’t left out the important bits. Another bite stung my skin and I moan and writhe under the sensation.  I take notice of a click of metal and peek up to find my hands fitted inside my own cuffs.

“Found those under the bed. They’ll come in handy,” he laughs against my skin as his hands slide from my wrists.

I try to pull my arms down, to resume the fight, but the chain of the cuffs was locked around the foot of my bed.  My heavy, anchored bed. My eyes narrow at the cupid who knows more than he is letting on.

“Those must have been some detailed stories,” I pant.

His eyes narrow for a moment before another bite registers on my breast. I cry out as he answers in a sinful bass. “Oh, they were, Anna. And aren’t you glad?”

There it was, the asking me to beg, the trying to force my submission. I felt liquid warmth flood and pool at my center. I bit my own tongue rather than moan out what I wanted, what I needed. The fight continuing to rage inside me, I would not succumb just yet.
Please return tomorrow for the conclusion of this Sweetest Day Surprise…
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