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Evil Cupid, Part One

Evil Cupid, Part One

Content Advisory: Includes heterosexual and homosexual behavior, graphic language.

This is my favorite time of the year, well one of them anyway. Expectations run high making disappointments richer. Emotions in turmoil are what I long for and I dress the part. I skim my hands across the different outfit choices in my well-appointed closet and pick out the right combination for tonight’s entertainment.

The black leather skirt fits my curves like second skin and the red corset top does amazing things to my chest.  The high heels add height to my frame and I look as deadly and delicious as I am. I received a hot tip on where tonight’s best action will be found.

I check my long brown hair in the mirror to make sure the waves are just right and my lipstick hasn’t smudged. Doesn’t take much to add to the illusion of sex, it’s what I was made for. Strutting into the night, I can hear and feel the excitement of Sweetest Day all around me. It brings a smile to my lips knowing I will ruin it for so many.

I skip the idea of a taxi and walk the several blocks to the hot new bar and restaurant. The swivel of my hips adds friction to my already hot core. It also gives me the chance to operate in my version of foreplay. Fights break out in my wake and I sigh as the turmoil of emotions ravages my senses.

I can skip almost any velvet rope and this bouncer is no different. Reservation, no. Table, no. Partner, double no. With my sexiest voice I tell him I’ll take a seat at the bar and I won’t be in anyone’s way. Lying is easy after millennia perfecting the art. I won’t be in anyone’s way, but I will interfere tonight. Plans will be ruined, moments destroyed, and I will enjoy all the tears like a kid licking an ice cream cone.

Once inside the hopes of everyone present hit my senses like a Mack truck and I lick my lips in anticipation. Thank God and Revlon for stay proof lipstick. I take a seat at the bar and order a Cosmo. I refuse to drink the awful thing, I just like the appearance of it. Human food has nothing to offer in comparison to the buffet of emotions around me.

My dark eyes scan the crowd covertly until I spot my first target. Two boys sit with two girls, a double date seemingly going well. My compulsion wafts through the crowd to their table like a siren song until both boys stare back. I smile wickedly, delighted at the eye contact. It’s the eye contact that lets me read them. College boys, friends, both were looking to get lucky. Perfect.

College boys are so much fun- no inhibitions and their ideas almost always surprise me. These two are no different and the fact they’re friends works in my favor. I’m aware of their female companions only through their disappointed emotions. Brilliant, the night is starting off well.

I smile to myself and chuckle as if I remembered something funny. The motion does wondrous things to my ample breasts, sending them threateningly close to the edge of the corset. Another compulsion brings both boys wandering closer to the bar, the girls left to stare at each other in confusion. I drink it in and force myself not to moan out loud. By now, other women are noticing me and I’m feeding off their worry.

“Hello boys, can I help you?” I ask, in a voice designed to lure.

“We’re men,” Blondie points out, nudging his friend.

“I can see that,” I answer, looking behind them. “You’re also taken.”

At this point the two girls in question wander over to confront the woman attracting their men. Of course, I’m not a typical woman. I smile, humans are so predictable.

The brunette male actually pushes his date to the side. “We’re not attached.”

The full assault of the woman’s pain hits my nostrils like the smell of food to a starving man. I drink the aroma in, letting it linger across my taste buds. Now, Blondie is nodding his agreement and trying to shove off his date and I get an encore of rapture.

“Don’t worry, ladies, it’s probably for the best,” I shrug, sending them each a compulsion to return to their table. Too large a scene would end my fun before the games even begin. My voice lowers, liquid sex to their ears. “You guys looking for some fun?”

“How much do you charge?” the brunette asks.

“Oh, I’m free to the right person,” I purr, hopping down easily from my stool. “Follow me.” I turn to wink over my shoulder. “Both of you,” I add as they fall in step behind me.

I lead them out a side delivery door into an alley. Not the best of areas I know, but it’s easier than arranging a hotel room. Especially when I don’t exist in their world. Reserving a room in the modern age is a disaster with fake names and information. Alleys are quick, easy, and plentiful.

I turn and shove Blondie against the brick of the building. My body pulses with energy as I gyrate into him. My tongue finds its way down his neck as I feel Brunette push up behind me. A nice little sandwich of horny hidden by a stinking dumpster. I love the city life.

I let Brunette lift my hair and suckle at my neck, their combined lust washing over my sensitive nerves more than their physical affections. Blondie lifts my breasts easily from their binding and I let him.  Brunette works my skirt up to my waist, no simple task, and I enjoy his surprise at finding no panties in his way.

I enjoy the little threesome up to a point; up until my body begins screaming in hunger for more. I pull back and smile at them both, breaking past their easy boundaries and planting the scene in their minds. I step back and fix my outfit as the boys tear into each other. The sounds of kissing, sucking, and moaning serenade the emotional high I’m getting. They both think they’re taking turns with me, but I’m standing to the side drinking it in.

I watch, turned on as Brunette spins Blondie and pulls his pants down. Odd, I guessed it would go the other way around. I sigh with contentment as my own needs are satisfied… for the moment. I walk to the door leading back into the crowded place and drop my compulsions just as Blondie is penetrated. I smile as they both register shock, confusion, and pleasure. I don’t think they’ll be coming back inside for a little bit.

I walk in and head for my next targets- the girls they left behind. They stare at me with the evil eye as I approach, but that’s easily remedied and the anger feeds my desire for more. I lean over the table, giving the men behind me a little show.

“You’re both better off,” I comfort. “Your dates are in the alley enjoying each other.” My compulsion snakes out, ensnaring them both. “Say, you two would make a cute couple…”

I let the idea hang as I walk away smoothly back to my seat. A few gasps break out behind me as the two girls proceed to make out like porn stars. I love it - their actions and everyone’s reactions. I slide back onto my stool, the pressure adding friction to heat. My night has started out with a bang.

I glance around covertly trying to find my next victims. You would think it’d be easy, but I do follow a few rules. I don’t interfere with people in true love or married couples. Some vows even I cannot break and why would I want to. Tangling with those bonds puts me in the target of the Enforcers and calls my immortality into question. Even immortals can find their lives cut short by violent means.

My attention is distracted by a man standing next to a candlelit table. Something about him doesn’t fit in and no one notices as he leans forward to whisper into a man’s ear. His eyes rise up to meet mine and I cross my legs to stop the trembling through my core.

Another supernatural, has to be, only another supernatural could trigger true lust within me. And I’m definitely experiencing true lust; my eyes are glued to his green ones as he moves. I wiggle on my chair trying to relieve some of the tension.

I’m tuned in with amazed curiosity as he walks forward and the man he just whispered to drops down onto one knee. A brush of his hand across another woman’s shoulder and she’s admitting her true feelings for the man next to her. My brows shoot up as realization begins to dawn.

He walks past a waiter who bursts into some terrific rendition of an operatic love song I remember as Italian. Ah, the language of love, now I know for sure who is in my company tonight and the room full of mortals won’t be enough for both of us.  Oddly, the thought of a battle amps my temperature into the volcanic range.

Still his eyes are locked with mine and he’s moving toward me. The temperature continues to rise within me. I move in shock as a woman next to me tosses a drink at the bartender and I audibly moan in my excitement. I’m losing control of my own compulsions, dangerous in these tight spaces.

I glance back to find the cause of my problems standing in front of me. I force my brows out of my hairline as my eyes take their time tracing across the muscle clearly defined by the tight t-shirt. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had dressed to impress. I peek around cautiously to see if anyone else is aware of him. Many times in my younger years I was almost burnt at the stake for talking to invisible supernaturals. Being crispified a few times taught me my lesson.

He leans forward and the scent of cinnamon and sex hits my nostrils, causing them to flare and my wiggling to increase. I vaguely hear him ask the bartender for a drink although my attention is focused on the biceps beside me. I lock my ankles around the legs of my chair to keep from taking him on the bar. Not impossible, but a little tacky for my many years.

I tried hard to ignore him, I truly did, but then the heat of his body raced along my sensitive nerve endings and I sighed. A picture formed in my mind of him moving naked over my body and the once fighting couple to my right began making out. I should be enjoying the spectacle of it, but I couldn’t take my attention off the gorgeous man to my left.

His green eyes turned to mine and did a slow sweep over my body. I arched against the back of the stool. Damn it’d been too long.

“Hello, Pixie,” his voice rumbled over my body like I’d been hotwired.

I smirked and lowered my lashes, making my voice equally disarming. “Hello, Cupid. Call me Anna.”

He chuckles, the warmness increasing the reminder of cinnamon. I swore to buy a gallon of the spice and bathe in it. “Anna is your mortal name?”

“For tonight,” I winked, surprised my voice wasn’t shaking. “Busy weekend for you, huh?”

Oh God, I was throwing out shop talk?! What had happened to me? A man slipped carrying a tray of drinks to a table and dumped them over its occupants. I grimaced and rolled my eyes, but inside the emotions shot through my core and added to the intensity of my need. I tried to smile for the angel of love, but couldn’t manage.


Please return tomorrow for the continuation of this Sweetest Day Surprise…

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