Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review of Cassandra Clare's City of Bones

A Review of City Of Bones
Jennifer Feuerstein

Since this is my first book review for Digital Digest, let me explain. I’m an avid reader; I’ll pretty much read anything you throw at me. My friends call me the Jester so I’ve decided to skip the boring stars and use the jester hats for fun. I can’t wait to walk into a bookstore and hear someone “well the Jester gave it four hats”… that’s my own ego at work. I’m also open to reading anything you guys suggest. But, for now on to todays book!

Never fear, I don’t write my reviews with spoilers. First, a little background information. The book is the first in the ongoing series The Mortal Instruments and is listed as a young adult. It deals with paranormal topics on all levels from the common vampire to the bizarre Ravener Demon. It’s set in modern times and focuses mostly on the life of plain fifteen year old Clary. Currently there are four books out in the series with another due next May. Read on to find out what I thought of Cassandra Clare’s first novel, City of Bones.

First off, the concept is interesting. A lot of the book’s ideas center around folklore and mythology. Personally, I’m a sucker for mythology – I love it! Also, she doesn’t come right out and explain her world instead she tosses you into it leaving you to sort it out as you go. I like this idea in a book. I don’t like to have everything revealed at the start. To me it ruins the fun of reading and makes me wonder if the writer thinks I’m an idiot.

There are a few nice twists in the plot, enough to keep you interested not too many to overload you if you’re looking for an easy read. I believe the fascinating theme in The Mortal Instruments series is the number of ways to approach reading it. You can read and simply enjoy it or you can think deeper into the clues she gives you. I read it both ways so that I could give you a better review. You’ll definitely finish it wanting to read the next, either way you choose to enjoy it.

Beyond reading style, the plot is typical of young adult genre these days in regards to a budding love story and a girl finding herself. I won’t say the plot is entirely original by any stretch of the imagination, but it is well done and believable. The characters have just enough clash to keep their dynamics appealing.

The scenes are well written and it flows well from point to point. There are a couple areas where it seems to stall for a bit but it’s to explain the world Cassandra Clare is introducing us to and we learn along with Clary. In other words, they are forgivable stalls. And a personal note, by far the most enjoyable part was reading about Jace. I am now a Jace addict after all her books. If the books were centered on him, I’d probably just write this review in two words: Read It.

So, to sum up this little review, I give City of Bones 3 out of 5 jester hats. It’s an enjoyable, worthwhile read. However it’s not a ‘drop what you’re doing and run to the store or library trampling everyone in your way’ read. Just add it to your reading list, that’s my say. Watch for my review of City of Ashes next month.

~Jennifer Feuerstein~


  1. Jennifer, I completely agree with you on your review. While I enjoyed many parts of this book, I couldn't make myself run right out and buy the sequel. There are too many other YA books on my TBR pile. I also would give it 3 out of 5 stars!

  2. Thank you Becky! If you haven't read the next books in the Mortal Instrument series, make sure to try them. They do get better (and more JACE!).

    Although you'll want to hold off on City of Fallen Angels until you see my special review of it in October.

    Thank you for commenting!